Thursday, July 2, 2015 – Bringing Language Home

Many communities across our Native nations are working hard to revitalize and grow their languages. There are many efforts to help young people speak and understand their Native language. But what happens when students come home from their classes to a household where family members do not speak or have limited language proficiency? Are students in danger of losing what they learn in school if they don’t speak it at home? Or could a young person’s new found knowledge spark interest in the family to learn and speak their language?



Dr. Cyd Cruë – co-administrator Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy

Ginger Rogers (Hupa) – director of the NDN (NohołDiniłayding-Niwho:ngxw) Center

Leana Ridley  (Bannock Paiute) – teacher at the Chief Tahgee Elementary Academy and grandparent to students at the school



Break Music:  Tapwe Oma (song) Fawn Wood (artist) Iskwewak (album)

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