Wednesday, March 4, 2015 — Native Women And HIV/AIDS

Native American women are victims of sexual assault at higher rates than other women in the country. Does that puts them at risk for being infected with HIV? Today we talk about the current rates of HIV infection among Native women and efforts to prevent future infections. When Native women are dealing with HIV and AIDS, how does that impact our communities?


Shana Cozad (Kiowa) – Public speaker, grandmother and advocate

Dr. Pamela Jumper-Thurman (Western Cherokee) - Past Director of Commitment to Action for 7th-Generation Awareness and Education

Michaela Grey (Diné ) - Deputy Director, National Native American AIDS Prevention Center, or NNAAPC 

Kayla Walker (Choctaw) - Founder and executive director of MAMA Knows, Inc. 


Break Music: On The Road Missing Home (Corn Dance) (song)  Sheldon Sundown (artist) Hand Drum/Smoke N’ Round Dance (album) 

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